Why Invest in a Cloud Based Business Phone System?

Today’s business phone systems are for more than just making and taking calls.  The rise of secure and affordable cloud technology has transformed the telecom industry. All business entities from small startups to multinational corporations are now able to benefit from advanced features at a fraction of the cost of older legacy phone and data systems.


The ability to work from anywhere with a virtual office.  Users can work from anywhere in the world and get calls forwarded to their mobile device, office or landline.  Whether you are at home or on the move, virtual offices that connect your cellphone with your office phone and laptop are the key factors that make enhance productivity in today’s fast paced business world.

Make Calls From Anywhere

Since the majority of today’s business phone systems are managed in the cloud, calls can be made quickly and economically using via the internet. Small businesses can purchase toll free numbers, which are are great for making small teams seem larger and more professional.

Provide Fast Customer Service

Take your customer service to the next level with a phone system that puts the needs of customers first. Features such as auto-attendant and advanced call distribution will make sure that your valued callers are never kept waiting.

Improve Your Team’s Efficiency

Business phones today integrate with several leading apps and your company’s CRM system to make all aspects of your customer care streamlined. Get texts, voicemails, emails, and faxes delivered to one centralized inbox.

Real-Time Collaboration

Getting everyone together for ad hoc meetings can be a major pain. The latest business phone systems come with conferencing features that make collaboration from multiple locations simple.

Global Solutions

Cloud based phone systems are great for developing more flexible working arrangements. Because people can login to their work phone from wherever there’s an internet connection, you can give staff the option of working from home.  You could even forget the traditional office location and create a virtual business with a team located anywhere in the world.

A Solution That Grows With You

Cloud based phone systems are quickly scalable. That means you’ll have the flexibility to expand or reduce your phone capacity in line with changing business needs.

More Than A Phone System

Business phone systems run on data networks that makes exciting developments possible through software integration. These systems are capable of integrating communications services with business apps like Microsoft Outlook and many other leading CRM systems.

VoIP systems are beneficial for businesses that operate in multiple locations. That’s because calls are made over the internet rather than a landline, so it drastically cuts costs.

Final Considerations

Explore all the options that fit your business model. Don’t forget to check the fine print for the terms and conditions regarding all aspects of technical support and whether factors such as replacement parts are included.